We are always curious about the future and here we show you the Future of Facebook profile after your death.Today we have just arrived on the edge of a new era of virtuality. The line between what is real and what is virtual will be far more blurred then we ever expected. For example, we celebrate life more on social media than in real world. This makes us curious that what will happen with our Facebook profiles when we die. Have a look on this crazy imagination. opyright - FutureofAll Originals Cast & Crew : VFX and Shot by - Ashwani Kumawat Research,Edit and Acted by - Abhishek Kumawat Music - Honor the fallen by Mark Kueffner Voice Over : Swapnil Soni Script Moderation : Swapnil Jain Special thanks to - Anuj Aggarwal, Ashish Sharma, Niharika Marwal, Mukesh Yadav, Prateek Jain
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