A Solo Ride to Sambhar Lake
Why we take solo journey ..why we want to go all alone...is there anything which drives humans to experience that much solitude may be by living in caves for years or living in wild lands without any money or any extra support. I have all these questions since i read the thought provoking novel "into the wild" by john krauker. The Novel is based on a life story of a young boy christopher maccandless who left everything just to explore wilderness of Alaska. Going on this trip,I took a smaller bite in his mental process. Personally for me it's all about going to somewhere. Feel the place with all it's rhythm and chaos and the way i prefers to go alone. Why going solo matters that much,I often search and the best answer i got yet is from my good friend and adventurer Aditya, He told me after having a lot of struggle during his manali-leh cycle trip"Any self help book,any motivation doesn't help you much to discover yourself,nothing gives you much knowledge about your own demons or qualities than your own mind and body in those lonely situations."I feel when you are totally alone you become true to yourself,no body to blame,nothing to help you then yourself and you are there struggling with your self..it's kinda fun. First time in my life, i saw that wild flat land. Took the unknown roads. My bike slipped and i got some injuries too,Slept outside a temple in mid noon. saw the rural life again and once again i saw the beautiful sunset.
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